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work notebook

work notebook

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A work notebook that you can practice problem solving with AkaDako STEAM Tool.

It includes information on how to connect the AkaDako STEM Tool, how to use sensors and actuators, two-way communication, and questions.

■ Contents

1.What is the AkaDako STEAM Tool?
3. Preparation
4. Troubleshooting
5. Sensor (measurement)
5-1 Brightness sensor 5-2 Temperature sensor 5-3 Humidity sensor 5-4 Barometric pressure sensor
5-5 voltage (5V - analog input)
6. Actuators, etc. (control)
6-1 Color LED 6-2 Vibration motor 6-3 Speaker
7. Communications
7-1 IoT
8. Problem solving
8-1 Assignment card

Number of pages: 12 pages
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